The Blogger

My name is Patrick.  I’m a 40-something male who, when I’m not traveling, lives near Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  I’m married without children.  I am university educated in mathematics, business, and computer science and have worked in both government and the private sector.   I’ve been successful in most of my endeavours, both professionally and personally.  I have failed but have rarely given up.

I recognize that life is short and is best lived with passion.  Hence my blog title  My life’s purpose is to contribute to others by living a passionate and authentic life.  This blog is part of that.

I am on a journey of self-discovery.  I am by no means perfect, and do not claim to have all the answers.  I do have some that have worked for me which I will share with you.  I hope that you will share in return, and that we will both benefit.  I am a collaborator and perhaps a coach, not a guru.

Like everyone else, I am a product of my genetics and my environment.  I come pre-populated
with a set of values, personality traits, beliefs, strengths, and weaknesses.  These are evolving over time.  I intend to share some of these with you, that we may come to know one another better, and to learn about ourselves in the process.

Your humble blogger,