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You may have noticed some changes to recently.  I thought that the old look was rather drab, so I’ve added a new colour scheme, a new custom header, improved the menus, and added some more useful widgets on the right side of the page.  You’ll find that things basically work the same, but I hope that the overall experience will be better.

I’ve also incorporated all of the content from our earlier travel blog about our travels in the Middle East, Africa, India, Nepal, and South-East Asia.  For those of you who weren’t following that blog, there are now about 100 additional postings available on about our adventure travels.  They can be accessed using the Travel menu or in the Archives.

You may have noticed some advertisements on the blog.  These are inserted automatically by Google, the company that hosts I do not select nor receive any compensation for these ads, and there is an additional fee to remove them, so for the time being they are a necessary evil.  I hope that you do not find them an inconvenience.

One thing I have been asked is how to change the size of text and images on the blog to make reading easier with aging eyes.  You can do this for any web site using the ‘Zoom’ function which is available in all web browsers (e.g. in Internet Explorer from the View Menu, in Google Chrome from the ‘wrench’ icon).

This blog continues to be accessible to everyone.  If you’d like to share the blog (or a particular posting) with someone, just copy the web address (URL) and send it to them.  Anyone can follow the blog by entering their email address on the right side of the page.

If you have suggestions on how to further improve the blog, I’d like to hear them.  Please leave a comment on this posting or use the confidential contact form under the About Menu.

I hope that you enjoy the new look.  Your comments on any posting are always appreciated.  Thank-you for participating.

Why am I blogging?

“Begin with the end in mind.” – Stephen Covey

My intentions for this blog are:

  1. To Create — This blog will be a creative outlet, an opportunity for me to bring into being something imaginative, entertaining, and occasionally, hopefully, inspired.
  2. To Reflect – This blog will encourage self-reflection, an indispensible activity on my journey of self-realization (the pursuit of self-knowledge). The blog will also be a journal of sorts, a record of memorable experiences, learnings, and other musings.
  3. To Create Intimacy — By sharing of myself, this blog will enhance my existing relationships, and possibly develop new ones.
  4. To Contribute – I want this blog to be of value to others, one of my contributions to the world. How they might benefit remains to be seen. I’m optimistic that someone will learn, grow, or be inspired. That someone will dream bigger or live more boldly than they otherwise would have.

I don’t know to what extent I’ll achieve my objectives. Yet I choose to proceed regardless. I have faith that clear intentions and perseverance will bring results.

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.” — Anonymous

The Blog

Welcome to This blog is about my travels through life, both literally and figuratively. I intend to share some of my experiences in the world as I explore it, including exotic foreign locales but also special places closer to home. I will also write about the things I’m learning on my journey of self-discovery that I think may be of value to others. They may be things that have worked for me, or something that I’m currently learning or trying.

This blog is an experiment in creativity, intimacy, community, and self-reflection. For more information, see Why I’m Blogging. For more information about me, see About The Blogger.

Why would you want to read my blog? Ultimately your reasons are personal. I hope that you will find value and benefit from the time you spend here. My intention is to be entertaining and engaging enough that you want to participate and to return, that we both might benefit. Hopefully, you will share your experiences as a student of life, or perhaps be inspired to dream bigger or live bolder than you might have otherwise.