Why am I blogging?

“Begin with the end in mind.” – Stephen Covey

My intentions for this blog are:

  1. To Create — This blog will be a creative outlet, an opportunity for me to bring into being something imaginative, entertaining, and occasionally, hopefully, inspired.
  2. To Reflect – This blog will encourage self-reflection, an indispensible activity on my journey of self-realization (the pursuit of self-knowledge). The blog will also be a journal of sorts, a record of memorable experiences, learnings, and other musings.
  3. To Create Intimacy — By sharing of myself, this blog will enhance my existing relationships, and possibly develop new ones.
  4. To Contribute – I want this blog to be of value to others, one of my contributions to the world. How they might benefit remains to be seen. I’m optimistic that someone will learn, grow, or be inspired. That someone will dream bigger or live more boldly than they otherwise would have.

I don’t know to what extent I’ll achieve my objectives. Yet I choose to proceed regardless. I have faith that clear intentions and perseverance will bring results.

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.” — Anonymous

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5 thoughts on “Why am I blogging?

  1. Hi Pat and Diane
    We have both signed up but just double checking….do you still have your email address as well?
    Hope things are off to a good start and you are recovered from Ironman
    We are off on the big ride tomorrow with our friends! We are all calling it the Fundo instead of Fondo!

    Ed and Lucy

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