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DreamBigLiveBoldly.com Enhancements

You may have noticed some changes to DreamBigLiveBoldly.com recently.  I thought that the old look was rather drab, so I’ve added a new colour scheme, a new custom header, improved the menus, and added some more useful widgets on the right side of the page.  You’ll find that things basically work the same, but I hope that the overall experience will be better.

I’ve also incorporated all of the content from our earlier travel blog about our travels in the Middle East, Africa, India, Nepal, and South-East Asia.  For those of you who weren’t following that blog, there are now about 100 additional postings available on DreamBigLiveBoldly.com about our adventure travels.  They can be accessed using the Travel menu or in the Archives.

You may have noticed some advertisements on the blog.  These are inserted automatically by Google, the company that hosts DreamBigLiveBoldly.com. I do not select nor receive any compensation for these ads, and there is an additional fee to remove them, so for the time being they are a necessary evil.  I hope that you do not find them an inconvenience.

One thing I have been asked is how to change the size of text and images on the blog to make reading easier with aging eyes.  You can do this for any web site using the ‘Zoom’ function which is available in all web browsers (e.g. in Internet Explorer from the View Menu, in Google Chrome from the ‘wrench’ icon).

This blog continues to be accessible to everyone.  If you’d like to share the blog (or a particular posting) with someone, just copy the web address (URL) and send it to them.  Anyone can follow the blog by entering their email address on the right side of the page.

If you have suggestions on how to further improve the blog, I’d like to hear them.  Please leave a comment on this posting or use the confidential contact form under the About Menu.

I hope that you enjoy the new look.  Your comments on any posting are always appreciated.  Thank-you for participating.

Welcome to our Travel Blog!

This is the first of what will hopefully be many updates on our travels this year. We’ll be updating this blog every week or two, with our experiences, thoughts, and the deep insights gained from our globe trotting.

This blog is secured, so we can share more intimate details with family and friends. To secure it, readership needs to be limited to 100 people. If you’re reading this, you’ve been invited to be part of this select group. In order to access the blog, you need to have a Google account (and password). This free account may come in handy for other services that Google provides. To allow more people to participate, we’ll provide a single invitation for some of you that cohabitate. Please don’t be offended if we sent the invitation only to your spouse!

Our blog will contain text postings, but also pictures, maps, and web links (all of which you can click on). We’ll send an email to you when there is a new posting in our blog. You can also leave your comments on any blog post, which will be visible to all readers of the blog. We encourage you to comment.

While we’re traveling, you can reach us at our shared email address. Depending where we are and what we’re doing, it may take us a while to reply, but we’ll try to check it about once a week. Within a few months, I’m sure that we’ll be desparately home sick, and so emails from home would be greatly appreciated.

Patrick and Diane