Welcome to our Travel Blog!

This is the first of what will hopefully be many updates on our travels this year. We’ll be updating this blog every week or two, with our experiences, thoughts, and the deep insights gained from our globe trotting.

This blog is secured, so we can share more intimate details with family and friends. To secure it, readership needs to be limited to 100 people. If you’re reading this, you’ve been invited to be part of this select group. In order to access the blog, you need to have a Google account (and password). This free account may come in handy for other services that Google provides. To allow more people to participate, we’ll provide a single invitation for some of you that cohabitate. Please don’t be offended if we sent the invitation only to your spouse!

Our blog will contain text postings, but also pictures, maps, and web links (all of which you can click on). We’ll send an email to you when there is a new posting in our blog. You can also leave your comments on any blog post, which will be visible to all readers of the blog. We encourage you to comment.

While we’re traveling, you can reach us at our shared email address. Depending where we are and what we’re doing, it may take us a while to reply, but we’ll try to check it about once a week. Within a few months, I’m sure that we’ll be desparately home sick, and so emails from home would be greatly appreciated.

Patrick and Diane

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30 thoughts on “Welcome to our Travel Blog!

  1. We are so excited that you are going to be using our home as your sort of home base. You will have such life altering expieriences on your journey,Karibo sana (Welcome)Twende safari (lets go journey)Love you can’t wait to see you both.

  2. The world is your pearl. The time to experience it is your opportunity. You can be robbed of everything but what you will see and share in the upcoming year. Can’t wait to have your experiences affect my life. I admire you two. Penni and the boys

  3. What a great experience this will be for the both of you. We are all anxious to live all of this trip of a lifetime through your eyes. Love you both and wishing you nothing but fun filled days!Esther and Paul

  4. Oh, the places you will go!-Dr. SeussSafe flight. I wish you only wonderful memories. However, do remember that relating all the “awful bits” in exaqgerated detail will make for far more entertaining stories at your welcome back party.Bon Voyage from Henry and Joanie

  5. Can’t wait to hear the adventures from afar…Enjoy every minute of it. I envy the sense of freedome you are about to experience. You will be an inspiration to us all!Travel wise and stay safe.Janxo

  6. Sandy – It’s good timing that you should ask about the packing. Please check out the next blog entry. P.S. We’ve invited the old girl to our hotel room tomorrow for tea. Not holding our breath that she’ll show.

  7. We hope you 2 both warmed up watching the the soccer game. We know Diane is OK as she had 2 1/2pints. Even though it must have been very scarry for you, you still managed to insert lots of humor in your comments.We think you should publish your blog as it would be a best seller.Thanks for including us.Keep em coming.Moe & Arlene

  8. Patrick and Dianne,So far your blog is everything we’ve expected and more…thorough and full of humour, love, and laughter and of course a smidge of trepidation from Dianne. It’s great to get the perspective from both of you. Your story telling and pictures are amazing and we can’t wait to see more as your adventure unfolds.Keep safe!!Dave, Mer, and Becky

  9. Wow Your pictures and words are fantastic. We look forward each and everytime you add more of your experiences. Thanks for letting us share this with you. Keep having fun and play safe.LoveLyle and Bev

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