Observations from Egypt

  • Every hotel room is a smoking room.
  • Even the straight men hold hands.
  • People here dress better than we do.
  • People are generally very friendly. Most don’t have the language skills to carry on a conversation with us, but you can tell that they want to.
  • Everyone says “welcome”. The trick is to figure out which ones are using it to try and sell you something.
  • Their follow-up to our response of “Canada” after their question “Where are you from?” is invariably “Canada Dry” and a big smile. A soda pop seems to be our most recognizable cultural contribution to Egypt.
  • Most retail shops are open 6 days a week, from 8 AM to midnight. Even businesses that aren’t open late at home like barbers, toy stores, etc.
  • Everyone seems to stay up late, even the children.
  • There don’t appear to be any noise bylaws.
  • Headlights at night are a signaling device, and not for lighting the roadway.
  • Traffic regulations are irrelevant, and the car horn is an essential part of the drive train.
  • Crossing the street is like russian roulette. The cars have the right of way, and will not stop even if you’re directly in their path. It’s like the game frogger, but with your life. The 3 techniques seem to be: 1) Cross at an angle, facing the traffic. 2) Walk behind some Egyptians, and use them like a human shield. 3) Close your eyes, and put your faith in Allah.
  • Children go to school from Saturday to Wednesday.
  • Friday is a work holiday if you’re Muslim, and Sunday is if you’re Christian.
  • There are lots of police in all tourist areas to protect the tourists, and therefore the tourist trade, which is over one-fifth of Egypt’s economy. It would be foolhardy to hurt or steal from a tourist here, but it is good business practice to separate them from their money in any way possible.
  • Baksheesh (or tips) grease the wheels of Egyptian society, for locals and tourists alike.
  • No building is ever finished. The upper floors are always in a continual state of expansion.
  • Egypt is a Muslim country. There are mosques everywhere, with prayers called from the loudspeakers 5 times a day.
  • Some tourists are either totally clueless or totally disrespectful, like the girl who wore the micro-skirt, see-through tank top, and black bra to the pyramids.

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6 thoughts on “Observations from Egypt

  1. she’s some party gal!!! DUH… Now, that’s a good way to get beheaded… or thrown in jail.. for.. forever!!! remember not to spit, or make the OK sign with your hands.. very important!!!and no micro minis!!!! for either of you!!! over and out!!skylar here, mommy I stole the computer cause’ I could see that that blonde girl was on it.. All is well here, we are being well fed, watered and have even found a way to hide under the bed covers and scare those fuzzy things..they make a lot of noise at times, but all I have to do, is raise a paw and they scatter..haha.. they bought some green, yellow and pink things and I tried to eat them, but they put them behind the glass doors in the office.. They’re just flowers, what’s the problem?? and I’ve trained them to turn on the tap for me..whenever I WANT.. one of them is very into me, I can tell.. and she lets me crawl on top of her and sit.. oh yes.. very fun training new humans are fun.. but I miss you mommy and daddy.. very much..send food and treats!!!dooby says hi.. she’s sleeping of course!!love you..skylar…

  2. oh yea, doobs here, by the way. thanks for the new post.. I can sit wayyy high on top and see all those fuzzy things running around.. until skylar pushes me off.. meow.. sometimes mommy he bugs me..but i miss you, and love you..the post is great!!!meow!!

  3. HI guys.Sounds like Carloine & Stella are good friends to have!! Especially Stella!!Good funny comments & funny pictures.You are very good writers. Could be writing for Letterman.Big Hugs!! Thanks.Moe & Arlene

  4. Hi Pat & Diane,so nice to hear from you… looks like those camels were pretty good pals after all…the way you tell your stories it puts us right there with you.. such fun. love aunty

  5. Hey Patrick. Likely a good thing you didn't rough the guy up. Could have been a riot!! The fish sounded GREAT!! Thanks for the updates. Always a pleasure to read.Moe & Arlene

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