Premature Conversation

I’ve started to play a word game with a few friends (Premature Competition)

The object of the game is to insert creative 2-word phases into any conversation. (Premature Interjection)

Each phrase must begin with the word “Premature” followed by a second word ending in “tion” or “sion” (Premature Formulation)

The Rules (Premature Regulation)

The 2nd word of each phrase must be:

  • A real word.  Anything other than the clichéd “ejaculation” (Premature Definition)
  • Directly related to the preceding statement made in the conversation (Premature Expression)

The 2nd word of the phrase should be:

  • Stated without delay (Premature Hesitation)
  • Not used recently (Premature Repetition)

Extra credit is given for words that:

  • Are as creative as possible (Premature Imagination)
  • Are as esoteric as possible (Premature Obfuscation)
  • Have never been used between the players before (Premature Invention)

It’s not as hard as it seems (Premature Complication).  It’s more fun than it sounds (Premature Objection), especially when you’re drinking (Premature Intoxication).  Once you get the hang of it (Premature Acquisition), I think that you’ll enjoy it (Premature Speculation).  You decide (Premature Existentialism).  Don’t delay (Premature Procrastination).

So, what do you think (Premature Interrogation)?  Do I have too much time on my hands (Premature Occupation)?

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13 thoughts on “Premature Conversation

  1. Well my dear fellow, my immediate thoughts are that you have indeed got too my time on your hands, ordo you think that may be a premature obversation? Of course it may be too soon even think about the matter, a classic case of..(wait for it)…….premature consideration. As you know this is quite an old game and I’m not sure it’s the right time to try to bring it back to life. It may be a case of premature resurrection. I’m glad your blogs are coming a little more quickly as far as I’m concerned it’s definately not a case of premature revitalisation.

    1. Obviously written by a master (premature precision). I think that you may have done this before (premature assertion). Perhaps another person with time on his hands (premature speculation)?

      1. One could consider your final speculation nothing more but premature assumption. Miid you, what else is a man to do with time on his hands?……. I give up. D’oh…. another case of premature capitulation!!

    1. Thanks so much for your comment (Premature Appreciation) and for playing the game (Premature Participation). I love that you’re reading the blog (Premature Subscription). I must offer some tiny feedback though (Premature Clarification). “Premature Retirement”, although extremely fitting in my case (Premature Application), doesn’t end in “tion” or “sion” (Premature Quotation). You’re correct that this isn’t just a holiday (Premature Vacation). Perhaps I need find some employment (Premature Vocation) to keep me busy (Premature Occupation)?

      1. Ah. Quite so (Premature Realization), Patrick (Premature Salutation) I failed to play by the rules of the game (Premature Deviation).
        Very kind of you to point that out (Premature Admiration). I think I have the hang of it now though (Premature Comprehension).
        Happy RV’ing!! (Premature Transportation)

        1. Nicely Done (Premature Execution). I’m glad that I could help (Premature Elucidation). Your follow-up is excellent (Premature Perfection). I’m so glad that you’re playing (Premature Gratification).

  2. I don’t want to appear too geeky ( particularly in such esteemed company) but I fear that the fundementals of this activity are being somewaht overlooked. At it’s inception the game required a back story, that led the reader or interlocutor, to understand the the cited action had taken place at an inappropriately early juncture.
    There seems to me to be an increasing incidence of the word ‘premature’ simply being slipped in before the verb. An example of this, can be readily seen above, where it is stated that ‘I’m so glad that you’re playing’ This can only be ‘premature Gratification’ if people aren’t ACTUALLY playing yet. In this case people are self evidently already playing, therefore the gatification cannot be premature…..- see what I mean. I think that it would help all concerned to rectify this practice before it becomes even more widespread. I’m looking forward to your response and very much hope that I am not suffering from……Premature anticipation.

    1. To clarify, are you claiming that the referenced item should actually be premature (i.e. occuring before it was anticipated) to be eligible for game play? If so, the opportunities for participation will be far fewer. What if it wasn’t anticipated at all?

      1. I think the clue is in the word ‘premature’ i.e. something that happens before it should. The soluation, I believe is in the nature of the preceeding story. For example; The other day I chewed a raw potatoe, that was definately a case of premature mastication. The thing is if it ain’t a little bit tricky it’s not really too much of a game is it?

        So back to your example, it is the participation that is premature NOT the anticipation. If, as you ask, it wasn’t anticipated at all then the anticiaption can neither be premature, timely or (for that matter) tardy.

        nes pas?

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