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Europe Phase 2 – The Gear Upgrades

We’ve invested in some new and upgraded items for this trip.  Based on the experience gained in Phase 1, we thought that the following would make traveling even better.

1)    A new GPS (known in Europe as a ‘satnav’) with a larger screen, the latest European maps, and warnings of the locations of ‘traffic safety cameras’ (otherwise known as photo radar – at least the fixed ones)

2)    Additional camping guide books and discount cards to make finding places to stay easier and more affordable

3)    A better power inverter to charge electrical appliances while driving (or use them while parked)

4)    A 2nd laptop battery for more blogging time when not connected to external power

5)    Stronger reading glasses for print that seems to get smaller every year

6)    A magnifying glass (see #5)

7)    A tiny video camera with a variety of accessories and mounts

8)    More clothes and shoes, allowing us to do laundry less frequently

9)    Rock climbing / mountaineering gear for Patrick

All of this gear required an extra duffle bag on the plane on the trip over.  We think that the extra charge for this bag (both ways) will be worth it.  Traveling by motorhome allows us to bring way more stuff than when adventure traveling with a backpack (one of it’s many advantages!)

Additionally, the S&M Motel has received a major upgrade to the propane system (known in Europe as ‘LPG’, or ‘Liquid Propane Gas’).  It is now outfitted with an integrated system that can be re-filled at regular gas stations (like cars that run on LPG), rather than trying to find a propane-bottle filling station.  This was a challenge last trip, requiring us to ration gas carefully.  This time we’re being much more liberal with the heat.  Thanks Sue and Martin!