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Things we’ve learned in India

We’ve learned a lot in India. Yes we’ve learned about India and its peoples, but we’ve also learned about ourselves. Here are some of the things we’ve picked up…

  • Indian people that know about Canada think that it’s a good country.
  • Indian culture, religion, language, and food are far more exotic and varied than what we experience in Vancouver, which originates mostly from a single state in India called Punjab.
  • People in India basically want what we have in North America, but it doesn’t seem feasible or sustainable for a billion more people to live like we do.
  • India appears to be on the verge of an environmental meltdown. The average person doesn’t appear to have any understanding, appreciation, or care for their environment. It is the norm to dispose of garbage on the street or ground (even in parks) and out the windows of vehicles and trains.
  • It’s much easier to be a vegetarian if you live in India.
  • Even though we’re not fit right now, we’re fitter than most Indian people.
  • If you’re down to two pairs of underwear, don’t lose a pair on a bus.
  • Don’t play solitaire on a moving boat if you want to keep all your cards.
  • Just because you’re next in line doesn’t mean that you’re next.
  • Sometimes four showers a day isn’t quite enough.
  • A family of four can ride on a single motorcycle.
  • Not all towels are created equal.
  • Just because a man sells Patrick some underwear, doesn’t mean that they are men’s underwear.
  • Just because an Indian transvestite isn’t looking at you, doesn’t mean that he/she won’t grab for your crotch.
  • Every day spent traveling in India is interesting.
  • Three months isn’t long enough to really see the country.
  • Three months was the right amount of time for us. We are ready for our next adventure.