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Lift Off!

Six months of planning, and the reality of what we are about to do is just setting in…

We’re currently sitting at Gate 64 at Vancouver International Airport. Our flight to London leaves in 30 minutes! After an exhausting month of getting ready, we’re really about to do this.

After 2 going away parties, and seveal teary goodbyes, we’re leaving.

Diane, her final Starbucks for awhile in hand, is coping well. She’s wondering when she has to start ratoining toilet paper. Every trip to the bathroom, she’s wondering whether she should be taking some of this with her.

We’re already getting special treatment. The flight attendants paged us, to find out where our checked baggage is, but we don’t have any! More on that later.

Anyhow, they’re calling our flight, so our next update will be from jolly old England.

Patrick and Diane

Here’s a picture taken at the airport by our friends Werner, Henny, and their daughter Janis, who kindly volunteered to take us to the airport.