The S&M Motel

Welcome to the S&M Motel.  Our zesty moniker derives from those of our founders and present owners, Sue and Martin.

You be staying in our premier suite.  It is fully furnished with a cozy bed, armoire, and ample storage.  It includes a private ensuite bathroom with shower and sink.  Your suite also has a fully-stocked galley style kitchen with gas cooktop and range.  It is equipped with an audio system, computer workstation and a small reference library.  It also has a full mini-bar where cocktails are served daily.

Your suite is lavishly appointed with forest green draperies and upholstery with wood trim.  It has plenty of windows with dynamic views and a skylight.  Soft lighting is provided at night to create a special ambiance.

The S&M Motel also provides optional guest accommodations in nearby temporary facilities.

We have an identical suite reserved for you at our partner accommodations throughout Europe, Many of these locations are conveniently situated close to historic or cosmopolitan cities, major attractions, or restful pastoral climes.

We hope that you will enjoy your stay at the S&M Motel and that you visit again next summer.

Picture of the S&M Motel (the RV we're traveling in)
The S&M Motel

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15 thoughts on “The S&M Motel

  1. Wow, very nice. I was picturing an Volkswagon van with bobbles hanging from it the front windshield. (too many movies)
    I could easily travel Europe this way!!!

  2. What a great looking motor-home guys!! A perfect size. Can you bring it back with you??

    The S&M Motel also seems lavish, although the name leaves a little to the imagination.

    Keep on trucking & have lots of fun and a few more big steins of beer!!

    Moe & Arlene

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