Our Next Adventure

Happy New Year!  Another lap around the sun.  An occasion for new beginnings.  The perfect time to begin another adventure.

When we returned from Europe in September, 2012, Diane and I had already agreed how we would spend our 2013, though it was not what we had in our minds when we left for Europe in April.  We had intended to return to Vancouver and settle down for a while.  Then our friends Sue and Martin asked us if they could defer their trip to the colonies by another year, meaning that they wouldn’t be needing the RV, the one we haven’t purchased yet, until 2014.  Since our home is currently occupied by foreigners, this gave us an opening to buy an RV a bit earlier and to use it in 2013.  A great opportunity to do some more traveling, and to make sure that our soon-to-be RV is fully tested and ready for our friends.

And so it was that we decided to pursue another travel adventure in 2013 – a circumnavigation of the United States and Canada!  We plan to leave Vancouver in January 2013 and quickly make our way down the west coast to the warmer weather of Southern California and Arizona.  We’ll cross the southern states during the winter then follow the sun up the eastern seaboard as the weather warms.  We’ll cross back into Canada by mid-summer, careful not to overstay our welcome in the U.S. (Canadians tourists are allowed to stay for a maximum of 6 months).  We’ll explore the Maritimes and Eastern Canada before heading back across the Prairies in the fall, hopefully crossing the Rocky Mountains before the heavy snow flies.

Other than this vague outline, we have no specific plans.  There are a few friends and family that we hope to visit along the way, mostly in the west.  We’ll follow our whims and the weather, travelling on the highways of life and the byways of experience.

I’m excited about what lies ahead and we invite you to participate in our adventure.  We hope that you enjoy the stories of our journey.  Because many of you have traveled in the United States and Canada, we look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions.  As it was when I started this blog, it remains my intention that we will all benefit from the experience.  Thank-you for participating and have a great 2013!

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9 thoughts on “Our Next Adventure

  1. Let the adventures begin. Thanks for this blog it’s been eagerly awaited at our end – oh I hope I havn’t just accidentaly split an infinative – anyroad here we are lying in the sun looking forward to vicariously enjoying your travels, bon voyage to you both – stay safe.

  2. Happy New Year Kids! We hoping to see you while you were in the area but it was not to be. I’m sure glad I was able to catch up with Diane! We will be in Az from Feb14th until Mar16th..if you’re in tyhe area(Scottsdale) just call my cell and perhps we can make a meet.
    Hugs to you both,
    B & D

  3. Hi there,

    Hope we can catch you on the way south through CA – you’re welcome to come and stay. Bet Al could arrange a special Yosemite tour as well. Gorgeous down here at present – sunny and about 18 today.


    Dallas and Alistair (alistair.veitch@gmail.com, 650 967 5850).

  4. Hey guys – hope you can swing by the bay area. We have a spare room, and cold beer in the fridge! Can also provide lots of info on most of the good spots to hit in the western US – we’ve been almost everywhere.

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