Help Name our RV Contest

We need your help!  We’ve been traveling in our motorhome for almost 2 months but it doesn’t have a name yet.  I read somewhere that it’s best not to force a name on one’s vehicle, far better to let it come naturally.  Perhaps we can help that process along a bit.

Readers of the blog already know lots about our motorhome and our plans (please see the archives in January and February), but here is some information.  Our motorhome is a Solera manufactured in America by Forest River.  The chassis is a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter made in Germany.  Our names are Patrick and Diane and, to the best of our knowledge, we were made in Canada.

The Prize – In addition to the glory of winning and our perpetual gratitude, the winner will receive a prize.

Contest Period – This contest will close on Sunday, March 24th at 11 PM PST.

How to Enter – Leave a comment on this blog posting.  Up to five entries can be submitted by each person.  The contest is open to everyone.

How to Win — A single winner will be chosen by the judge.  The judge’s decision is final and I am the judge.  The winner will be the person who proposes the name that best fits our motorhome and us.  Preference will be given to creative and fun names.

Details — The winner will be announced on the blog and notified privately by email.  The winner will have 7 days to respond with contact information or will forfeit the prize in which case the prize will be awarded to the runner-up.  The prize will be shipped anywhere in Canada or the continental United States.  If the winner lives elsewhere, alternate arrangements can be discussed.

Have Fun!

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20 thoughts on “Help Name our RV Contest

  1. Since you started this adventure at such an early age “Premature Exploration” comes to mind. Or in keeping with your philosopy, maybe “Dream Chaser”.

  2. Hi guys.

    Here are a couple of entries:
    The PatDi Wagon ( pronounced Paddy Wagon)

    The King Kraut Kart (KKK) oops!!

    Maximus Mercedes (Max for short)


    Submitted by Moe & Arlene Shandro

  3. “Priceless” that’s my choice as what you two are doing although tough at times (at least in my eyes, loving a permanent home base as I do) is absolutely “Priceless”!! You guys are living life to the fullest which is something I believe in, however we all have different ways of doing that. Must say though we did well for ten weeks of RV living last summer. Goods news though, we have our six week trip booked…leave June 22 to The Netherlands, then to South of France, then Paris (middle) and area and then to London for the final week! Life is good! Enjoy! Lucy

  4. We call our RV the Rack, Snack, and Yack Shack. For you I think the “Searcher” would be good. You always seem to be searching for something.

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