If it’s Tuesday, we must be in Florence

With the eclectic variety (and occasional delay) of our blog postings, you may be wondering where we are currently and where we’ve been to-date. Here is a graphical update on our progress.

Europe map marked up with our journey (read on for text synopsis)

Synopsis – We flew in to Vienna (Austria) and traveled W via Salzburg to Munich (Germany). We headed N to Berlin to drop our friends S&M at the airport, then spent a week in the central German Province of Thuringia. We returned to Berlin to run the marathon, the headed S to Munich again for Oktoberfest. From there, we headed NE to Schwarznausslitz, a small German village near the Czech and Polish borders where we were the guests of our friend’s gracious cousin and his family. From there we made a cold swing down through the capitals of Eastern Europe – Prague (Czech Republic), Bratislava (Slovakia), Zagreb (Croatia), and Ljubljana (Slovenia). Recently, we’ve toured in an arc across Italy from the NE, swinging down and across the center, and are now starting N again up the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

All is well, and we’re hoping for warmer weather!

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One thought on “If it’s Tuesday, we must be in Florence

  1. Thanks for letting us know you are both safe. The video was quite scary and we have been following the flooding on TV.

    Stay safe, stay warm and enjoy each others company!!

    Moe & Arlene

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